Book signing event at Barnes & Noble, Tucson Arizona

What a nice time I had at the Barnes and Noble book signing event! The B & N store manager announced me twice over the 2 hours, which sent people over to my table. I met some wonderful people and sold 8 books, including two to a father who wanted his young daughters (who were quite polite and asked me interesting questions, I must add) to read my story. He also said he wanted them to be sure to share what they learned in school. They even shook my hand and told me what a pleasure it was to meet me. Wow.

Next, a young woman came to talk to me. She told me she was in training to become an EMT. After talking for a while, she picked up my book and read the back. "You were 20 when you started? I'm 20..."

She bought my book and said she needed to think about the possibility of trying out wildland firefighting. Excellent!

Finally, when I was ready to leave, the store manager expounded on how wonderful he thought my book was, and that he wanted me to sign 10 remaining copies to put on their shelf for autographed books. How exciting! 

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