"Go Get That Dream Job" Kaleidoscope interview

 Early in 2020 I entered my essay "Go Get That Dream Job" for inclusion in the book: Kaleidoscope Reflections on Women's Journeys. They accepted it! Here's my interview with the team that chose my essay. The book is available for purchase here.

Teaching kids about gender bias

An eye opening video how even today, kids pick up on stereotyping at an early age. Here's a great way to change that!


My interview on why love is important

Why is love important? I hope you'll have a listen to my interview with Angelina Kalahar, where we discuss how I write about love in my book, Summers of Fire, and in my second book, as yet unnamed, which I hope will be in print soon. 

The challenges of writing the personal stuff: my interview with Brandi-Ann Uyemura

I'm so honored to be featured on Brandi-Ann's blog, where she and I talk about the challenges of writing about painful events, and finding a traditional publisher.

Adorable video of girl who wants to be a firefighter!

No, this was not me when I was a kid, but I hope she finds her dream job no matter what it may be!

My interview on Her Brotherhood

I am featured on Abby Bolt's podcast, "Her Brotherhood," where I talk about the challenges I faced working on fire crews in the 1970s, and how I came to write my memoir.

Book Promotion: Reinvented

Join me at Women Writers, Women's Books, where I share my book promotion tips, including how to market during a time when social distancing is now a part of our world.