More proof that things remain the same

I'm often asked if things have improved for women on fire crews. Here's just one more testimony I found today in Dame Magazine that the answer is: NO.

My interview on KGUN 9 News!

The 5:00 p.m. "teaser"

The full interview on the 10:00 pm broadcast:


A humorous look at a serious topic-sexual harassment in the workplace

I found this video on Facebook, and while it is funny, it's also sad and frustrating. I highly recommend you watch it to the end. The interview with Anita Hill is quite interesting.


Writing truth in memoir

I'm honored to be a guest on Nancy Julian Kopp's blog today, talking about writing the truth in memoir.

What I learned about being resilient: a guest post

I'm pleased to be featured on Dr. Lynn Schmidt's website today, writing about finding resilience.

Hate book promotion? Me too. My tips on how to make it easier

Join me on Women On Writing where I give pointers about how I made book marketing easier.

What is it about firefighting that made me love my work?

I just read this post on Facebook today, and it brought tears to my eyes. 

I recently saw a post asking what being a wildland firefighter means to people. This to me is what it's about. The camaraderie you have with your crew. The nights spent out at a remote spike camp, sitting around a campfire after a long shift talking like you haven't been around each other 24/7 the whole summer. Jokingly complaining about how awful the line, food, coffee or hike in or out was, but looking back and being satisfied with the progress the crew has made. More and more I feel like firefighters are being told they're glamorous, adrenaline fueled heroes doing an extremely dangerous job, battling the forces of nature and more and more inexperienced firefighters are believing it and thinking that's what this job is about. It's sad and about as far from the truth as you can get. It's all about teamwork, camaraderie, and a few clear, calm decisions to solve evolving problems.
Kyle Miller

I couldn't have said this better. This is what I miss. This is what made my job special, and far more than just a job to me.  This time in my life was the only time I felt that way. There is no doubt I am quite lucky to have had those experiences.