Teaching kids about gender bias

An eye opening video how even today, kids pick up on stereotyping at an early age. Here's a great way to change that!


My interview on why love is important

Why is love important? I hope you'll have a listen to my interview with Angelina Kalahar, where we discuss how I write about love in my book, Summers of Fire, and in my second book, as yet unnamed, which I hope will be in print soon. 

The challenges of writing the personal stuff: my interview with Brandi-Ann Uyemura

I'm so honored to be featured on Brandi-Ann's blog, where she and I talk about the challenges of writing about painful events, and finding a traditional publisher.

Adorable video of girl who wants to be a firefighter!

No, this was not me when I was a kid, but I hope she finds her dream job no matter what it may be!

My interview on Her Brotherhood

I am featured on Abby Bolt's podcast, "Her Brotherhood," where I talk about the challenges I faced working on fire crews in the 1970s, and how I came to write my memoir.

Book Promotion: Reinvented

Join me at Women Writers, Women's Books, where I share my book promotion tips, including how to market during a time when social distancing is now a part of our world.


Interview on Out There Podcast

My host on the Out There Podcast, Willow Belden, asks some thought-provoking questions unlike I've been asked before. I hope you will come have a listen!

Segment on PBS show "Arizona Illustrated"

My interview on Arizona Illustrated will first air on Sunday, September 29th at 6:30 p.m. and subsequently 8 more times on KUAT Channel 6 and Channel 6 PLUS. It will also be viewable online. I hope you'll come watch!


OR Watch on YouTube (I'm the last guest.)