My interview on eBook Showcase

I'm honored to be a guest of Graham Higson, where I share how my book came about and offer advice for those who would like to publish a memoir.

Virtual book tour: A reading from Summers of Fire

I hope you'll come listen to an excerpt from Summers of Fire on Universal by Design's Virtual Book Tour Segment!

In the news! The head of the U.S. Forest Service resigns

Amidst the backlash of the PBS video where woman stepped up to voice the horrendous treatment they experience while working for the U.S. Forest Service, Chief Tony Tooke resigns. Amazing. I hope this signals major changes! It would be about time.

Women speak out about mistreatment in the U.S. Forest Service

I was blacklisted when I reported discrimination in it is, 40 years later, and nothing has changed. What needs to be done? Why do men think this behavior is acceptable?


My interview with Melissa Dee: Fifteen Minutes with Interesting People

Thank you to Melissa Dee for asking me to join her website's segment: Fifteen Minutes with Interesting People