Reading and Book Signing at Penegrine Books in Prescott, AZ

 I had a wonderful time in Prescott, talking about my book and the challenges of wildland firefighting last Saturday!

Bone-chilling song about early firefighting

In 1949 the Mann Gulch Fire claimed the lives of 13 amazing song by Richard Shindell, documenting early firefighting before fire behavior was understood.

Book signing event in Bisbee, Arizona

What a great time I had signing my book in Bisbee, AZ yesterday! Okay, so I only sold 4 books, but out of the 4, 3 were purchased by men, and two of those men made a special trip to meet and and buy a signed copy.

Why is this a big deal? Because it's a fact that women read more than men, and women also read more memoirs. I'm delighted that men are interested in my story!

Speaking engagement at the San Diego Memoir Writers Association

On Saturday, May 5th, I sat on a small panel to discuss the option of finding a small publisher instead of a literary agent, self-publishing, or using a hybrid publisher. Over 40 people attended. I'm so honored to be able to share my publishing journey with those either beginning their own journey, or hoping to some day embark!