Today's women firefighters

I discovered this article the other day by the National Forest Foundation. Always interested in anything to do with women on fire crews, I read through it...although not all at once. It's hard for me to admit, but reading about this always makes me choke up a bit...

 "Drawn to Flame: Women Forged by Wildfire"
gives insight into the life of women on a number of different types of fire crews; why they chose this career, and why they love their jobs. To be honest, I filled with jealousy that they can do this and I can't, and wished my career had never ended.

After I caught my breath, I noticed the comment from one woman crediting those that had preceded her made it a bit easier fitting in with the men on her crew. I've often wanted to believe that my hard work and perseverance did help prove that women could handle this job. It feels good to hear that maybe it did.

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