Firefighters risking their lives to get the perfect shot?

During my firefighter years, I carried a camera, but I have very few photos. What few I have weren't even taken by me, because somehow it didn't seem right to stop work to take one. Plus, I was too darned busy building line to think about such things.

With just about everyone carrying a cell phone these days, it's no wonder that firefighters are taking them on the fireline. It also comes as no surprise many inexperienced crewmembers stop to take a photo. This sounds just plain crazy to me. And apparently, I'm not alone.

The Forest Service is considering banning cell phones on the line. I agree this is a good idea. They're supposed to be working, not taking photos for  friends. Next thing you know they'll be calling friends and family to tell them what's going on.

As for the argument photos can be used for documentation and training purposes, let pros do that. Fire crews engaged in active firefighting should not be taking away from the job at hand.

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