Video of Granite Mountain 19s last few minutes chilling

This video, posted on Wildfire Today, makes the tragedy all too real.

It's quite apparent that management thought they were in a safe zone (the black), when it fact they were not. Seems to me that as important good communications are, they were sure lacking in this case. When overhead questioned the Hotshot's location, why didn't anyone ask them where they were?



Anonymous said...

What has been lacking in many modern firefighters (besides the politically correct weakening of physical training standards) is the emphasis on personal judgment and wisdom when it comes to evaluating fire behavior on the ground. These sorts of problems arise when changing conditions are combined with dangerous terrain (whether steep fire chimneys like Storm King) or volatile fuels and conditions (like here). These are just fires, folks--nobody is saving democracy or curing cancer or invading Normandy. But it's ALL too easy for FMOs and even squad leaders to get caught up in the "cause" and either put people in ridiculous situations or pretend they "need" or "must" save this stand or trees or that mobile home or that shed or that house. HS and Squad leaders have to be chosen for their capacity for personal judgment and balance. And Fire Bosses need to be evaluated the same way. I have seen WAY too many guys who should not be in either position get caught up in the moment, and act like God himself has ordered that "This fire needs to be stopped now" before X or Y. Baloney. Half of these fires should just let be burned and clear some of this fuel out.

Summers of Fire said...

Do you think that's what happened to the Granite Mtn. 19? I've read they left the black to "re-engage" the fire because nothing was going on where they were. (In the official investigation).